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    Is £75. a month a bit excessive for a two bedroom bungalow,? ?

    This is our last bill. Winter has not even started. Is every one in the same boat? How can I save electricity? Only have electric showers,not much cooking,just don't know Where to save.Thank you for any tipsSorry. I did mean £75. a month for electricity. I fear the gas bill now.
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    Should I go or not?

    A friend of mine's daugher is turning 1 today and they are having a party for her. I haven't spoken to my friend since the baby was about 2 months old because she moved away and we both suck at keeping touch. A month ago I got the invitation and was shocked. I have planned on going but I haven't...
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    Periperi (Hot Sauce)

    1 cup olive oil 1 cup whiskey 1 handful of very hot, dried peppers Combine the ingredients, let stand for a month or two. Use liberally on everything.