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    Morille Sauce

    veloute’ - morels cognac =Flambe cognac & morels
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    Morel Demi-glace

    mushroom mix - sliced shallot - chopped morels - sliced and cleaned cognac (brandy) demi-glace - from white wine morel soaking liquid cream =Saute mushroom mix in pan with shallot. Lower heat and add morels (morels should not be exposed to high heat), add brandy and flame, reduce to 1/2. Add...
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    Rosette of Salmon with Morels

    Salmon - Fillet, sliced thin - Mushrooms - Morels dried, rehydrated Leeks - brunoise Shallot - brunoise wine - white Cream - Heavy 2141 16/1qt pepper - black, ground herbs de Provence - Sauce - Vin Blanc =Saute together morels, shallot and leek until soft, add wine, reduce, add cream...