RHF bcg

    the RHF with background looks pretty nice but when your about to post in the suggestion and some few other forums it changes automatic back to nice....Food for Thought.. PS>and after the new post some times goes back to RHF BCG some time it does not maybe a little glitch some where.
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    1 part Gin 1 part Vodka 1 dash Blue Curacao 1 part Tequila Mix in shotglass(es). Add Curacao last, to a nice blue-green color.
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    Stricly bizzniz

    2 oz. Rum 0.68 oz. Kiwi Juice 2.75 oz. 7-UP nice doing bizzniz whit you
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    0.68 oz. Port 0.68 oz. Campari 0.68 oz. Extra Dry Gin 0.68 oz. Bols Red Orange 0.68 oz. Orange Bitters 0.68 oz. Orange Curacao Take all together in a shaker. Mixed them und fill it in a nice glass. On the top of the glass a orange peel and a crust rand made...