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    Insect Poison Indoors?

    Well we have a wasps problem at my house. They made a hive under my steps where we cannot reach so my dad decided to plug all the areas that they could get out from under the steps with dirt. Well apparently there is a hole that leads from under the steps into my room. Earlier today I had found...
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    Tips for organizing?

    I am trying to clean my apartment and am feeling very overwhelmed. I just feel like there isn't enough space to put everything we own. Not to mention we just received a lot of gifts from a household shower. Many we aren't going to open until we move because our kitchen is so small right now. Any...
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    Green Hell #1

    8 oz green Kool-aid 1 shot Everclear Pour both into glass and keep away from open flames!!
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    Puff Pastry

    4 cup Flour 1½ teaspoon Salt 1 pound Butter, Cut Up ¾ cup Water, Cold In a mixing bowl or mixer, roughly combine the flour, salt and butter, breaking up the butter slightly there should be visible chunks. Gradually add just enough cold water to hold the dough together. Do not overwork...