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    Do's And Don'ts For Happy Children's Birthday Parties

    DO: *Plan the number of guests to correspond roughly to the age of the party child. *If you feel unsure, ask a friend or older child to help you. *Give every child a prize of some kind. *Keep menus simple. *Set a definite going home time. *Smile! Set the mood for the party. DON'T: *Expect the...
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    New york margarita

    1 can Limeade 2 oz. Jose Cuervo Tequila 1 oz. Triple Sec We call this the New York margarita because we all are in New York and can get all these ingredients at the local supermarkets. Fill a blender with all these ingredients and puree them. It turns out...
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    Cool Dennis

    2 cl Vodka 4 cl Sprite 2 cl Blue Curacao my own party drink Submitted by Concept.d on 10/15/2002
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    2 Fast

    2 oz. Orange 2.38 oz. Orange Curacao Drink it ice-cold, the Jagermeister must be frozen. Drink it with a lot of ice! AND PARTY!