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    Zima 'n' pop rocks

    1 Zima 1 Pop Rocks Candy Open up your bottle of Zima and pour in the pop rocks. let it fizz up a bit...then enjoy!!
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    Yippy-kiyay mother fucker!

    1 fill Beer 2 oz Jagermeister 1 splash Tabasco Sauce 1 tbls Butter 1 Pop Rocks Candy 1 oz. Tequila Add tequila and Jagermeister. Put in butter. blend thoroughly. Pour into large glass. Fill the rest with beer and add splash of...
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    Southard comfort

    3/4 oz. Vodka 1/4 oz. Grenadine Place Pop Rocks Candy in bottom of shot glass Mix 3/4 oz. Vodka with 1/4 oz. Grenadine in shot glass. Slam and swallow and let Pop Rocks Candy pop down throat.
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    Snatch, crackle, and pop

    3/4 oz. Vodka 3/4 oz. Grenadine 3 dashes Pop Rocks Candy Pour the Grenadine into a shot glass, then add the Vodka. Quickly after adding the Pop Rocks, down the shot.
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    Ru's snap shot

    3/4 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps 1 tsp. Pop Rocks Candy Put Pop Rocks Candy in bottom of shot glass. Add Cinnamon Schnapps. Stir, and shoot immediately.
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    Assfucker 5000+

    1 oz. Grain Alcohol 1 Pop Rocks Candy 1 can Cola Pour shot of grain alcohol in cola, put pop rocks in mouth, and drink cola.