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    8 oz. Everclear 56 oz. Water 1 Kool-aid (Fruit Punch / Red) 1 Beer Put all ingredients into a large mixing bowl (or simmer pot whenever possible). Mix well! This drink serves 2-3 quite well.
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    No name #2

    2.0 L Cola 1.5 L Gin 1.5 L Rum 750.0 mL Triple Sec 1.5 L Vodka 32 oz. Iced Tea Combine all ingredients in a large bowl or pot. Stir in 32 ounces of dry iced tea mix. Serve cold.
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    Muhled wine

    1.0 stick Cinnamon 5.0 Cloves 1.0 Bottle Red Wine 1.0 Bottle Port Add all ingredients to a large pot and heat slowly. If it boils, the alcohol evaporates. Drink warm from pot. Serve at approximately 60 degrees Celsius.
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    Brendan's Punch Of Happiness

    750 ml White Rum 250 ml Vodka 1 gallon Fruit Punch Pour ingredients into large pot, stir, serve as punch disappears continue to add more rum..
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    African Lady #1

    ml. Milk ml. Chocolate 1 tsp. Black Coffee 3 ml. Chocolate 20 ml. Kahlua Served hot - put all ingredient's (except the chocolate cubes) in a shaker and shake strongly. Pour to pot and start warming (not on a strong fire). Gently stir ...
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    Browned Beef Papazjanija

    3 lbs. lean beef 6 onions 4 cloves garlic 20 peppercorns 2 bay leaves 2 T salt 1 c vinegar Cut meat into pieces. Heat 1/4 fat in a large cooking pot. Braise meat until brown. Add other ingredients and 2 c water. Cover and simmer until tender, about 2 hrs.
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    Popcorn - Ozark Style

    1/4 c OIL 3/4 c POPCORN 4 servings Heat A Deep Pot, With A Lid, Until Warm. Add Cooking Oil To Cover The Bottom Of The Pot. Heat Until Smoking Hot. Add Popcorn And Cover, Shaking Until Corn Is Popped. Remove From Pot As Soon As Popping Stops.
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    Double brewed coffee

    Exactly what the name says! Coffee Brew a pot of coffee. Repour that pot into the coffee maker, and refill the coffee grinds. Rebrew.