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    1.0 part Champagne 1.0 part Grand Marnier 1.0 part Vodka Mix any quantity of alcohol, as long as you respect the proportions. Serve at the room temperature, and enjoy the hitting punch...
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    Don Pedro

    n/a Cream 1 oz. Kahlua 1 oz. Whiskey 250 ml. Vanilla Ice Cream Blend all ingredients until ice cream is not lumpy. I'm not too sure of the correct proportions as I was trying to find the correct recipe on the internet.
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    Doctor Comfort

    0.75 oz Dr. Pepper 0.25 oz Southern Comfort Mix in shaker and pour in lowball glass over ice. Proportions vary for strength (personally I go 1/2 and 1/2)
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    911 #2

    1 oz Firewater 1 oz Ice 101 Mix equal proportions of each in one shot glass.