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    20 Minute Apple Butter

    4.5 cups applesauce 1/4 cup red hots candies 3.5 cups granulated sugar 1/4 cup cider vinegar Warm applesauce, add red hots, sugar and vinegar. Cook 20 minutes over medium heat, stirring frequently.
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    Goan Pan Seared Pomfret

    Ingredients 3-4 pomfrets 1 big lemon 1 tsp salt pinch of turmeric 1/2 tsp powdered red chilli 1 tbsp coriander powder 3-4 tbsp oil 1. first clean and wash the pomfrets and pat them dry. 2. squeeze lemon in a small bowl and mix salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and coriander powder in it. 3...
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    Red Onion Jam

    Ingredients * 1kg Spanish red onions, thinly sliced * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * 1 cup white sugar * 1 teaspoon sea salt * 1/2 cup red wine vinegar Method 1. Peel and cut the onions in half and thinly slice length ways. 2. Place all ingredients in pot and fry the...
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    How can you tell someone if they have chickenpox?

    My little sibiling has recently got these tiny red dots on her left cheek. All of a sudden, she got these liitle red dots forming on that cheek and I don't know if it's chicken pox or some other disease. She is also gettting more dots on her temple. With the dots, there are red streaks? It's...

    Fruited Cole Slaw

    Ingredients 2 cups Shredded green cabbage 2 cups Shredded red cabbage 1 cup Walnut pieces, toasted 2 Red apples, thinly sliced 1 1/2 cups Hidden Valley® The Original Ranch® Dressing Preparation Prep Time: 30 min. Chill Time: 2 hrs. minimum. Combine green and red cabbages, walnuts and...
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    Zombie soul power

    6.0 oz Jack Daniels 1.0 oz Red Wine This comes straight from the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown's earlier runnin' around days. Six shots of good whiskey topped off with one shot of red wine. Stir it up in a nice tall glass and sip. Taste bad? Not to J.B.
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    Yer mom #1

    1.0 oz Amaretto 1.0 fill Cola 1.5 oz Red Rum Combine on ice; stir. This one works best with Red Rum, but it's okay with light rum too.
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    Westcoast slammer

    1/3 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix 1/3 oz. Aquavit 5.1 oz. Amaretto 5.1 oz. Bols Red Stinger Schnapps shake, strain
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    Wat ingrid heeft.

    7 oz. Orange Juice 1 oz. Amaretto 1 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur Mix all the ingredients and strain. Ad ice cubes. Garnish with two red melon slices on the rim and a red straw
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    3.33 oz. Rum 7 oz. Bols Red Orange first the rum and then ice, at last the red orange
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    Van vleet #1

    1 oz. Rum 1 tsp. Frozen Limeade Concentrate 1 Maraschino Cherry Pour rum, slide frozen lime over it, top with cherry. Shoot and chew. Signal that you're finished by extending your thumb and pinky finger away from hand and yelling, "double striker!" The...
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    Think i love you

    2.75 oz. Champagne 0.68 oz. Pineapple 1/3 oz. Sugar Syrup 1/3 oz. Bols Red Orange 0.68 oz. Strawberry Puree blend the strawberry, pineapple and de bols red orange with sugar syrup and some ice cubes. put in the glass and fill up with champagne. Cheers
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    The red and black

    1 Part Kahlua 1 Part Grenadine Layer with grenadine on top.
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    Taste of honey

    1 oz. Vodka 3/4 oz. Galliano n/a Lemonade 1 1/2 oz. Advocaat Shake and strain into a 10 oz. highball glass and fill with lemonade. Place slit maraschino cherry on rim and add red drinking straw and red swizzle stick for contrast.
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    Sunset in la

    2 oz. Vodka 3 oz. Orange Juice 3 oz. Triple Sec 1 oz. Sugar Syrup grenadine, OJ, Blue Curacao, vodka. directions: pour grenadine(1) into glass, then OJ(3)layer Vodka(2) over OJ. Strain Curacao(3) into glass though a tea strainer or a similar...
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    Suck my kiss

    1/2 oz. Bols Red Orange 1/2 oz. Bols Blue Layer in order: Red on bottom, then blue, baileys and Cointreau on top.
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    Sprawling dubinsky

    1 Part Absolut Citron 1 dash Amaretto 1 Part Johnny Walker Black Label 1 Part Johnny Walker Red Label First, add one part of Johnnie Walker Red. Next add one part Johnnie Walker Black, followed by another part of Absolut Citron. Finally, throw in a touch...
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    1 tsp Grenadine 2 oz Sprite 1/2 oz Tequila Pour in all ingredients then mix completely so that the drink turns a red color. Add more Grenadine for a sweeter, thicker taste.
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    Snake bite (alternative version)

    1/3 oz. Lemon 1 oz. Extra Dry Gin 0.68 oz. Bols Red Orange pour gin, red orange over ice in old fashioned glass add a dash of angostura on top lemon slice
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    1 oz. Vodka 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps 2 oz Red Bull Fill glass with ice, pour in vodka then aftershock and top up with Red Bull and watch the drink turn green!!