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    Speed ball

    2parts Red Bull 2 parts Mountain Dew 1.0 Vodka dash Kahlua 1.0 Sugar On The Rim wow!!! after couple of deez, you'l star soundn like bfjsolfgodrh [rhgeairgdfrjgxkfjhgvkfv!!
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    1 oz. Bourbon 3 oz. Root Beer Put one in the other, This isn't a drink to do, its a drink to do to others. Called a smegma due to the atrocious residue it leaves around the rim of the glass.
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    Wedge Lime n/a Sugar 1 oz. Rum 1 oz. Kahlua n/a Black Coffee Top With Whipping Cream n/a Allspice Run cut side of lime around rim of large goblet or heat- proof wineglass. Invert glass and swirl in sugar to frost rim...
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    Negroni - zimbabwe style

    1/2 Orange 1 cl Sweet Vermouth 1 cl Campari 2 cl Gin Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Coat rim of glass with sugar. Pour over plenty of ice.
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    Light bulb

    1/3 oz. Lime Peel 5.5 oz. Sprite 1.33 oz. Bols Blue hope the salt rim is a nice addition
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    Igor Bananov

    1.5 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. Cream 1/4 oz. Creme de Banana Add half banana and blend with crushed ice, frost rim of the glass with sugar, garnish with a banana slice
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    Frozen Citron Lemon Drop #2

    1 oz. Lemon Vodka splash Sour Mix Add ingredients and rim glass with a ring of sugar.
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    Frozen Citron Lemon Drop #1

    1 oz. Absolut Citron splash Sweet & Sour Mix Add ingredients and rim glass with a ring of sugar.
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    Cherry Blossom #3

    1 oz. Sambuca 1/2 oz Grenadine Fill with Milk Garnish with a cherry on the rim of the glass.
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    Cafe Oscar

    4 oz. Coffee 3/4 oz. Amaretto 3/4 oz. Dark Creme de Cacao Rim glass with sugar rim
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    Cafe Henry #3

    1 splash Brandy 1 splash Coffee Liqueur 1.33 oz. Coffee First rim the glass with a cinnamon and sugar rim
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    Boat Drink #3

    2 oz (Captain Spiced Rum Morgan's) Splash Tonic Water Rim glass Lime To a glass of ice add Captain Morgan's spiced rum. Add a splash of tonic water. Rim glass with lime. Drink. Repeat.
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    Bb Hunts The Bat

    1.5 oz. Bacardi Light Rum 1/2 oz. Bols Blue 1.5 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur leave space on rim for those who don't want to taste the sugar. Chill glass well
  14. Chef

    Citrus Drop Martini

    Martini 1 1/2 oz. Skyy Citrus 1/4 oz. Cointreau 1/4 oz. sweet and sour mix sugar for rim Wet the rim of the chilled martini glass with water. Dip in sugar and brush off any extra. Stir the vodka, Cointreau, and sweet and sour mix with ice. Strain carefully into the sugar-rimmed martini glass.