1. E

    Salsa Cruda Norteno

    2 ea medium tomatoes, roasted and 3 ea chiles serranos, roasted 2 ea cloves garlic 1 ds salt to taste 6 servings Grind together all ingredients.
  2. Chef

    Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

    1/2 pound milk chocolate (8 ounces) 2 cups roasted Oregon hazelnuts Servings: 30 Melt chocolate in double boiler over low heat. Add roasted hazelnuts. Stir until nuts are heavily coated. Using a teaspoon, form clusters of 4 or 5 nuts and drop onto waxed paper. Cool. Servings: 30
  3. Chef

    Oven Roasted Tomatoes

    Roast: 1 hour 6 medium tomatoes, sliced crosswise 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick Olive oil Salt Pepper Sugar Servings: 6 Heat oven to 300 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with aluminum foil; generously rub with oil. Arrange tomato slices in a single layer on prepared baking sheets. Sprinkle with salt...