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    Fried Sage Leaves

    1 cup clarified butter 1 bunch sage leaves, stems tied together with rubber band Heat 1/4-inch clarified butter over a high flame in small saute pan. When butter quivers and is on verge of smoking, holding sage by stems and plunge leaves into pan. The leaves should fan out. Fry sage for 1--2...
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    Sel Epices

    12 oz salt 3 oz pepper white 1 oz nutmeg 1 oz allspice 0.5 oz ginger 0.5 oz paprika p. cayenne 1 tsp sage 2 Tbsp thyme 1 Tbsp marjoram 12 bay leaves =In blender
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    Butterbean, Sage and Lemon Pate

    Butterbean, Sage and Lemon Pate 1 tin (approx. 400g) of butterbeans (large limas) 2 teaspoons of olive oil 15 fresh sage leaves (or a teaspoon of dried) the juice of 1 lemon grated rind of half a lemon Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.