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    Zula lake slammer

    6.0 oz Cola 0.25 cup. Ice 1.0 oz. Rum 1.0 oz. Sambuca Mix together, pour over ice. Enjoy.
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    1.5 oz. Sambuca 10 oz. Root Beer Mix Sambuca with root beer and stir. Add ice
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    White tornado

    3/4 oz Sambuca 1/4 oz Tequila Rose The trick to getting the look of the Tornado is to pour the Tequila Rose slowly on the side of the shooter glass on top of the Sambuca.
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    Wayne's world

    1 oz. Jagermeister 1/2 oz Sambuca Fill the shot glass about 2/3rd's full of Jager, and then top it off with the Sambuca.
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    Warm leatherette

    2.0 parts Amaretto 1.0 part Grenadine 3.0 parts Sambuca Add black Sambuca first, then add amaretto. Drop a small measure of grenadine in the glass so it drops to the bottom in a layer.
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    Uncle lou

    2 oz. Sambuca 3/4 oz. Creme de Noyaux Chill and Strain Sambuca. Float Creme de Noya.
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    Twenty-four caret nightmare

    1 Part Goldschlager 1 Part Sambuca Mix together and drink however you want.
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    1 oz. Galliano 1/2 oz. Sambuca 1/2 oz. Wild Turkey Just pour and serve.
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    The mayor's jellybean

    1.0 Drop Grenadine 1/4 oz. Sambuca 3/4 oz. Southern Comfort In shot glass, layer1/4 of it with Sambuca, 3/4 with Southern Comfort, drop of Grenadine, down it in one mouthful.
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    The king of denmark

    1 cl Grenadine 3 cl Sambuca Just mix the two things together and serve. It is possible, but not necessary, to set the drink on fire as it is usually done with Sambuca. In any case don't add any ice.
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    The john lennon

    1.0 oz Bacardi 151 1.0 oz Sambuca Into a double shooter mix 1 oz. Bacardi 151 rum, and 1 oz. Sambuca. Find a medical examiner, shoot and the rest is history.........
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    T.k.o. #3

    1.5 oz. Kahlua 1.5 oz. Sambuca 1.5 oz. Tequila Serve in lowball glass
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    Stubborn italian

    1 shot Sambuca 1 splash Galliano Pour one shot Sambuca, add a splash of Galliano on top. Light on fire and drink it.
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    1/2 oz. Cream 3/4 oz. Sambuca Use Black Sambuca
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    2.0 cl Kahlua 2.0 cl Sambuca no description given
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    Slippery nipple #2

    1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream 1 oz. Sambuca pour sambuca into shot glass float Baileys on top enjoy
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    2.0 cl Bailey's Irish Cream 2.0 cl Sambuca Pour the Sambuca in a shot glass. Gently add the Irish Cream on top of it. Drink it all at one go.
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    1 oz. Galliano 1/2 oz. Sambuca 1/2 oz. Wild Turkey Just pour and serve.
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    San diego silver bullet

    2 oz Sambuca 2 oz Absolut Vodka Shake the ingredients over ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve. Down it in one.
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    Sambuca whirl

    1 oz. Cream 1 oz. Sambuca 1 oz. Bacardi Light Rum 1 oz. Lime Cordial Blend with only a half scoop of crushed ice