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    1 oz DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps 2 oz Orange Soda 3 oz Schweppes Lemon Build (Pour) & stir
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    Virginia hayez

    1/2 oz Creme de Cassis 1/2 cup Schweppes Lemon Build (Pour) & stir
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    Sabsis boyfriend

    2 oz Dry Vermouth 2 oz Vodka dash Lemon Juice 2 oz Absinthe 3 oz Blackberry Juice 3 oz Schweppes Lemon Shake with ice
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    1.5 Ounces Vodka 6 Ounces Schweppes Lemon 4 Ounces Lemon First slice half a lemon in small slices. Then some ice, I prefer alot of ice in this drink. Pour the vodka in, press the rest of the lemon in the glass. Mix around and then fill up with Schweppes lemon. Mix again and you're...
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    Kiss Me Quick #2

    8 cl. Apple Juice 2 cl. Apfelkorn 4 cl. Finlandia Cranberry Vodka 7 cl. Schweppes Russian mix in the glass
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    French Russchian

    4 cl Anisette 3 cubes Ice Fill with Schweppes Russian Put the ice cubes in the glass, pour the Anisette in, fill with Schweppes Russchian
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    Drivers Seat

    dash Grenadine splash Lime Juice 1/2 cup Schweppes Lemon Build (Pour) & stir
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    Carl Johan

    3 cl Tanqueray Gin 1 cl Pisang Ambon 1 cl Lime Juice Fill with 7 cl Schweppes Russian Mix. Top with Schweppes. Garnish with lime slice.