1. Cookie

    Aloha Pineapple Punch

    Cut off tops from 6 pineapples; reserve tops. cut out fruit from shell, leaving 3/4" wall. Punch a hole in each reserved top large enough for a straw; replace tops. Wrap each pineapple in aluminum foil; refrigerate until serving time. Just before serving, divide 3 bottles (25 oz each) pink...
  2. E

    School Cafeteria Italian Dressing

    Makes 1 quart 3 cups vegetable oil 1/2 cup Reconstituted frozen lemon juice concentrate 1/2 cup vinegar 1 Tbsp granulated sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 3/4 tsp garlic powder 2 Tbsp dehydrated onions 1 tsp flaked basil 1 tsp flaked oregano 3/4 tsp flaked marjoram 1/4 tsp flaked thyme 1. Combine all...
  3. E

    Apple Compote

    Ingredients 6-7 Apples 2 glasses of grapefruits juice 1/2 glass of sugar Directions Peel and cut thin slices, place them in bowl and layer them with the sugar. Pour grape juice over, boil it and chill overnight before serving.
  4. E

    Oblivion express

    3 oz. Bourbon 3 oz. Gin 3 oz. Grain Alcohol 3 oz. Scotch Shake well and ignite before serving.
  5. E

    Holistic X-mas

    3.0 oz Banana Liqueur 3.0 oz Cola 6.0 oz Ice Cream Mix everything together in a mixer. Keep in fridge before serving!
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    Flaming Nazi #2

    1 oz. Jagermeister 1 oz. Hot Damn Make sure the Hot Damn and the Jägermeister are both cold before serving.