1. R

    I want a vacation hotel for with accomadations for peopl who need help walking?

    I need a walker to get around are there any hotels with special romms
  2. Molly

    Can anyone give me a couple tips on cooking prime rib?

    I am having a group over from my church, and I would like to make something special.... If you have any other suggestions, It would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Please help! I need a special dish!
  3. E

    Roman breeze

    1.33 oz. Sambuca 9.52 oz. White Grape Juice nothing special.
  4. E

    Pussy lover

    9.04 oz. Sprite 1.33 oz. Passoa 0.68 oz. Peach Schnapps nothing special.
  5. E

    Jimmy's Special

    3/4 glass Champagne 1/3 glass Cognac Put the cognac in a glass and after that, the champagne.
  6. E

    Blue Shadow

    1.33 oz. Rum 9.04 oz. Sprite 0.68 oz. Parfait d'amour nothing special just build.
  7. C

    How can we protect our eyes from computer radiation?

    Do we need to use eyeglasses? [ I am a college student and most of the time I open my computer to research. I don't usually print my assignments or research works. I always copy from the net and jot it down to my notebook. I am afraid that my eyes will be destroyed because of the computer...
  8. Chef

    Steamboat Special

    Shooter 1 oz. Usher's Scotch 1/4 oz. Grand Marnier Float Grand Marnier; serve as a shot, in a Shot Glass.