1. Cookie

    Creamy Frozen Shake

    1 cup frozen banana slices, peach slices, or strawberries 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 cup fat free vanilla yogurt In a blender, combine the bananas, peaches, or strawberries, the orange juice, and yogurt. Blend until smooth. Makes 1 serving.
  2. E

    Strawberry Soup

    3 cups fresh, sliced, strawberries 8 tablespoons pineapple juice, chilled 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 cup vanilla yogurt 8 mini sized ice cubes Reddi Whip Whipped Topping 2 large, fresh, strawberries (not hulled) and sliced in half Place sliced strawberries into a blender. Add the...
  3. E

    Strawberries through a straw

    3 cups Strawberries 1 cup Milk 1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream 1 tbsp. Brown Sugar Place all ingredients i the food processor bowl and blend. Process until smooth. Pour into glass and serve with a straw. Garnish with a stawberry on the rim of the glass.
  4. E

    Stawberry spring

    1 tsp Grenadine n/a Mango Juice 0.68 oz. Strawberry Liqueur mix everything in shaker, but fill up with milk
  5. E

    Skinny stawberry shake

    12 Frozen Strawberries 1/2 cup Milk 1/4 cup Vanilla Yogurt 1 tsp. Sugar In a blender at high speed, blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve in a tall glass.
  6. E

    Banana-stawberry Frappe

    1 cup Milk 8 oz. Strawberry Yogurt 2 Banana 1 tbsp. Lemon Juice Put all ingredients in blender and turn to puree mode until of desired consistancy. (Make only about 2 servings at one time so the blender will not be overfilled.)
  7. Chef

    Maria's Manhattan

    Mixed Cocktail 1 1/2 oz. Canadian Mist 1/2 oz. Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth 1/2 oz. Stawberry Liqueur Ice Cubes 1 Strawberry Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass with several ice cubes and stir well; strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a Strawberry.