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    Super bloody screwdriver

    1 shot Everclear 2 1/2 oz Sunny Delight 1 oz. Tropical Schnapps Pour in the Everclear. Add the Sunny D and then the tropical fruit schnapps. Best if served chilled.
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    Sunny d screwdriver #1

    1 Fifth Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka 2 l. Sunny Delight n/a 7-UP Pour together and serve cold.
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    Dandillions #1

    0.25 cup Sprite 0.25 cup Gin 0.5 cup Sunny Delight You need Gin, Sprite, Sunny Delight, a big cup, ice, straw. Fill the cup up about half with Sunny D (ice already inside), then the sprite about 1/4, then add the gin.
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    Casey's Conception

    1.0 oz Lime 1.0 splash Sunny Delight n/a Cola Pour a 1/2 glass of Coca-Cola Then pour 1 to 2 shots of lime Then splash a little bit of sunny delight, enough to make it a lighter brown. It looks gross but it tastes ok.