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    Viking blood

    2 cl Aquavit 2 cl Tia Maria Fill with or Sprite 7-Up cubes Ice Pour Aquavit and Tia Maria over ice, fill with Sprite/7-Up and stir.
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    The nutball

    1.5 oz. Whipping Cream 6 oz. Milk 1.25 oz. Amaretto 2 oz. Tia Maria Pour baileys, tia Maria milk and amaretto into shaker with ice. strain contents into glass and float whipped cream on top using a spoon. decorate with a sprinkle of chocolate powder or a cherry.
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    1.0 can Orange Juice 0.5 oz Tia Maria 0.5 oz Triple Sec Pour the Tia Maria and the Triple Sec in a long glass. Add orange juice until the glass is full.
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    Skier's toddy

    3/4 Oz. Kahlua 3/4 Oz. Triple Sec Several Marshmallows 1 cup Cocoa Rinse out a large mug with boiling water, add steaming hot chocolate, and stir in liqueurs. Top with marshmallow., Tia Maria or Crème de Cacao may be used in place of the Kahlua.
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    Paddy's caffeine

    1 shot Tia Maria 1 pt Guinness Stout Make sure you put in Tia Maria first (Before Guinness has settled and before you "head" it) as otherwise you will mess-up a perfectly well-settled pint
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    New york slapper

    2 oz. Vodka 2 oz. Cream 1 oz. Amaretto 2 oz. Tia Maria Shake, drink, enjoy and repeat ! :)
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    Marianne i love you

    1 oz. Amaretto 5.75 oz. Cold Coffee 1 oz. Tia Maria build in the glass and stir.
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    Lucky linda

    1.0 cube Ice 1/2 parts Lemonade 1.0 part Peach Schnapps 1.0 part Tia Maria Add Tia Maria and schnapps to shaker, shake well before draining into tall glass, add ice and white lemonade to suit. Really smooth
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    Lord and lady

    1 1/2 Oz. Dark Rum 1/2 Oz. Tia Maria Pour the rum and Tia Maria into an old-fashioned glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well.
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    1/3 oz. Maple Syrup 1 oz. Almonds 1/3 oz. Triple Sec 0.68 oz. Almond Extract 1cl tia maria1cl blue curacao
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    Espresso Martini #1

    2.0 oz Black Coffee 0.5 oz Kahlua 1.5 oz Tia Maria 2.0 oz Vodka Chill freshly brewed espresso at least 2 hours before mixing cocktail(s). Refrigerate an entire pot if necessary. In shaker, add vodka, Kahlua, Tia Maria, and chilled espresso. Shake...
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    Calypso #2

    3/4 oz. Rum 3/4 oz. Tia Maria 1 fill Coffee Pour Tia Maria and rum into a mug. Add coffee and top with whipped cream if desired.
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    Brown Cow #2

    4 oz Tia Maria 4 oz Milk Fill the glass with the amount of Tia Maria you would like and put an equal amount, or a little more, of milk. Add two ice cubes and down.
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    Bob Marley #1

    1 oz. Tia Maria 1 oz. Pineapple Juice Pour Tia Maria in a cordial glass. Float pineapple juice on top.
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    Black Man

    1.0 oz Jack Daniels 1.0 oz Tia Maria Put Tia Maria into a shot glass, slowly pour in Jack Daniels, so that it sits on top of Tia Maria. No ice. Drink as a shot Kahlua can be substituted for T.M.
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    Afterbirth #2

    6.0 oz Cream 1.0 oz Jack Daniels 1.0 oz Tia Maria 1.0 oz Vodka Mix over ice.
  17. Chef

    Alice In Wonderland - 2

    Shooter 1 part Pepe Lopez Tequila 1 part Grand Marnier 1 part Tia Maria Serve as shot.