1. L

    Why are Americans so naive about genetically modified foods?

    There is a real health crisis in the making because of the untested safety of various foods that are being allowed to reach the public in the US. This is not true in European countries, where people are better tuned in to possible health hazards and also know the general disregard for the...
  2. Mom

    How high is the chance of pregnancy during ovulation as compared to other times during the cycle?

    I know there's more of a change for pregnancy during ovulation, but how much higher is it?
  3. E


    The secret recipe of Coke has been hidden and locked down for 125 years. But apparently, not anymore. This American Life says they've found the ingredients that make up the delicious bubbly cola and have revealed it to our delight. The story starts with John Pemberton, a Civil War veteran...
  4. conley39

    Are there any links between Rocephrin shots while pregnant and the baby having Autism?

    I am just wondering... I got a shot of the anti-biotic around conception. I now have a 3 year old with Autism.So I am just wondering if there is a link, like there is with other meds.
  5. X

    What vitamins and supplements should a teenage take?

    What vitamins can a 15 year old teenage girl take over the counter? I need real answers, not the quacks out there.
  6. Chef

    Truth Seeker Search Engine Website

    Here is a link to a great Truth Seeker Search Engine. It's dedicated to the Truth Seeker, and its concept is awesome! The Truth Seeker Search Engine collects results from thousands of truth, conspiracy and alternative websites / documents and incorporates them into your search. The site...
  7. X

    When taking Vitamin supplements do you prefer to drink your vitamins or swallow a pill or capsule?

    Vitamins now come in chewable, liquid so you can swig them down, or just toss a couple in your mouth and wash them down. What is your preference?And do you take yours daily or whenever you think of it? Are you sporadic in taking them?
  8. E

    Sweet potato chips

    Ingredients: 1 sweet potato Some extra virgin olive oil Some salt to taste We do not really need many ingredients for this recipe. Just sweet potatoes, oil and some salt. We will use extra virgin olive oil. I do not think I have to tell you why. Sweet potatoes are very common in the United...
  9. X

    What do you think of the danger of radiation from x-rays?

    I am writing a paper on people's ideas about the radiation you are exposed to because of x-rays and CT scans.Do you think you are in danger? Do you think it's completely safe? Let's here your opinion.I am hoping to debunk some common myths and show the truth.What's your thoughts about it all?I...
  10. E

    Copycat Shake ‘N Bake

    I bet you use this stuff all the time!* Truth is, most kitchens already have all the ingredients, so why buy this mix at the store? 4 Cups Flour 2 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper 1 Cup Bran Flake Cereal (crushed) 2 tablespoons Parsley Flakes 2 teaspoons Garlic Powder 1 tablespoons Onion Powder 2...
  11. C

    Im having fights with hubby because of mother in law?

    my mil will do things to my baby i disaprove of, like rub some wine or liquor on her gums becaus eshe is teething, and i know she will spoil my kid rotten with junk food, she even warns us.I told my hubby its his responsability to tell his mother that is wrong! I cant seem to tell her no, i dont...
  12. T

    What should I do my husband wants a divorce....?

    I am not lazy, I work, take care of 2 children may I add one is teething.............I do a lot but in his eyes I do nothing I believe he is seeing someone else he accuses me of doing so but ladies you know the old saying when they are accusing its thier consciuos
  13. E

    Naked truth

    2/3 oz Vodka 1 oz Lemon Juice 1/2 cup Soda Water splash Powdered Sugar 1 oz Melon liqueur Shake with ice and strain over fresh ice
  14. K

    Does anyone have a child with symptoms similar to those associated with autism, but it is something else?

    My son is 20 months old. The symptoms that fit on the autism spectrum are that he speaks no words but can hear fine, he flaps his hands when frustrated, and frequent tantrums. But what doesn't fit is that he is very social, makes a few gestures, and plays with other children appropriately...
  15. M

    What would you like toIs autism a global issue, or is it only an issue in industrialized nations? ask?

    I am just curious whether autism is a global issue, or just an issue in countries where children get immunizations. Are there studies? On the Today Show, doctors were claiming that autism just surfaces around the same time children are immunized. Wouldn't this be easy to prove by assessing the...