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    What is the best household advice/tip you have?

    Mine is to cut onions while wearing sunglasses!! Or use an iron and a wash cloth to get wax out of carpet. (obviously, place the wash cloth over the wax and use a hot iron over the cloth)
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    1/2 lb. puff pastry egg wash, as needed For each base, roll out puff pastry to 1/8-in. thickness, forming 10-in.-x-12-in. rectangle. Cut 12 12-in.-x-1/4-in. strips, braid to form 4 plaits. Cut remaining pastry in half to form 2 12-in.-x-3-1/2-in. strips; brush edges with egg wash. Lay...
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    Fried Celery Cabbage

    1 lb white, or Chinese cabbage 2 tblsp oil or melted lard 1 tsp salt 2 sticks celery Wash the cabbage and shred finely. Heat the oil and fry the cabbage for 3 minutes, stirring all the time. Add the salt, mixing well. Wash the celery and cut into thin slices, add to the cabbage with 2 tblsp...