1. Cookie

    Freezer Burgers

    1 lb ground beef 1 envelope (about 1 1/2 oz) onion soup mix 1/2 cup finely crushed cracker crumbs 8 hamburger buns, split Mix ground beef, onion soup mix and cracker crumbs. Shape mixture into eight 4 1/2" patties. Wrap each patty in single thickness aluminum foil; freeze. (Keep no longer than...
  2. S

    Why does cling wrap stick to itself?

    I was using cling wrap before, helping my mum (mom) do some cooking and was having terrible trouble getting the cling wrap not stick to itself. Mum showed me some tips on how to stop it but I want to know why it happened! Preferably in a pretty easy laungage to understand.
  3. Chef

    Fruit Roll−ups

    Fruit Roll−ups 2 Cups Sliced Peaches 2 Tablespoons Honey Vegetable Spray Plastic Wrap Puree sliced peaches in a blender with honey. Pour into a non−stick baking sheet coated with vegetable cooking spray. Dry in a 140F oven until the sheets peel away easily from the baking sheet. Store by...