Country Ham Preparation

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1 servings
Scrub Or Cut Off Any Mold That Is On Ham When Purchased. Then Rinse It
With A Mixture Of Equal Parts Of White Vinegar And Water. Hang In The Ham
In A Cool Place To Store It. If Mold Reoccurs. The Ham Will Continue To
Age While It Is Stored. The Cooler The Temperature The Less It Will Age.
Country Hams Always Taste Salty. You Can Remove Some Of The Salt And
Add Moisture Back To The Cured Ham By Soaking It In Water For 24 Hours.
Salt Conscious Paople Sometimes Soak Them Up To 72 Hours. If You Do This,
Change Water Daily. This Removes Some Of The Salty Taste, But Not All.
Cook The Ham According To The Country Ham With Brown Sugar Coating
Once The Ham Is Cooked It Will Keep In The Refrigerator For Up To 6
Weeks If It Is Tightly Wrapped In Brown Paper Or Aluminum Foil. Don't Use
Plastic Wrap As It Holds To Much Moisture And Speeds Spoilage.