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Two (moderate size) mugs of dry chickpeas
Two middle size onions, coarsely chopped
One full table spoon of tomato paste (important)
One full tea spoon of mild paprika paste (not very crucial)
One tea spoon salt (can always be added acc. to taste)
Two table spoons olive oil (you can use the liquid oil in your kitchen you're already using) (oil can always be added according to taste)
Adequate water

Firstly, dry chickpeas need to be softened. Take a medium size bowl, put chickpeas in it. Add water exceeding two inches the level of chickpeas. Maintain some space for chickpeas to expand. Leave it overnight. (or at least for 6 hours)

Next day (or after 6 hrs) take your pressure cooker. Wash and strain your softened chickpeas under tap water. Put them in the cooker. Add all remaining ingredients to the cooker. Add water exceeding an inch above the ingredients. Close the lid. Put on stove. Wait until the pressure level 2 is maintained. Lower down heat.

At this moment start keeping the time. After exactly 35 minutes, the chickpea dish is ready to be served. Serve it in a soup plate with a table spoon.

You can add salt, pepper and oil according to your personal taste. If on first try chickpeas are perceived soft, next time keep 30 minutes for cooking.