Bake any flavor layer cake mix in 2 layer pans, 9x1/2", as directed on package. Prepare fluffy white frosting mix as directed on package. Reserve small amount of frosting for making cookie-candy animals; frost cake with remaining frosting.
Decorate top of cake with candles, whole gumdrops and strips of colored gumdrops arranged in spoke-fashion. Decorate sides of cake with cookie-candy animals: Use cookies for bodies and heads. With the reserved frosting, attach marshmallows, cut-up gumdrops, nuts, corn puffs and pretzels to cookies for legs, faces, ears and tails.

Jungle Animals (and their mixed up party names):
Lion (onli), Elephant (neeltaph), Monkey (nomyek), Peacock (accopek), Flamingo (lagonimf), Rhinoceros (seroorinch), Tiger (grite), Bear (areb), Hippopotamus (photopsuimap), Seal (esla), Llama (almla), Giraffe (riffgea), Kangaroo (okoranga), Penguin (unpinge)