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This chunky salad make a satisfying meal. Use other spring vegetables, if you like.

675 g/ 1 ? lb small new potatoes, halved
4OOg/14oz can broad beans, drained
115 g/4 oz cherry tomatoes
75 g/3 oz/l/2 cup walnut halves
30 ml/2 tbsp white wine vinegar
15 ml/1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
60 ml/ 4 tbsp olive oil
pinch of sugar
225 g/8 oz young asparagus spears, trimmed
6 spring onions, trimmed
salt and freshly ground black pepper
baby spinach leaves, to serve
Serves 4
Put the potatoes in a saucepan. Cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for 10-12minutes, until tender. Meanwhile, put the broad beans in a bowl. Cut the tomatoes in half and add them to the bowl with the walnuts.
Put the white wine vinegar, mustard, olive oil and sugar into a jar. Season with salt and pepper. Close the jar tightly and shake well.
Add the asparagus to the potatoes and cook for 3 minutes more. Drain the cooked vegetables well. Cool under cold running water and drain again.
Add the asparagus, potatoes and spring onions to the bowl containing the broad bean mixture. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss well. Serve on a bed of baby spinach leaves. Thickly slice the potatoes and cut the spring onions in half.