Weight Loss 4 Idiots and dummies


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Weight Loss 4 Idiots and Dummies; 40 ways:

  1. Cut salt from you diet.
  2. Walk to the store instead of driving.
  3. Take the stairs every chance you get instead of the elevator.
  4. Don't eat with in 3-4 hours before bed.
  5. Eliminate soda or sugary drinks from your diet.
  6. Avoid diet foods.
  7. Drink water. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to keeps all organs cleaned and flushed.
  8. Don't drink you calories. Artificial sweeteners have be show to promote weight gain and increase cravings.
  9. Take you bicycle to work.
  10. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three large meals.
  11. Use smaller dinner plates, it tricks your brain in to thinking you are eating more food than you are.
  12. Chew Gum instead of having a snack.
  13. Stay away from fad diets.
  14. Eat slower, put your fork down in between bites.
  15. Go for a 15-20 minute walk after dinner.
  16. Chew you food 32 times each bite.
  17. Avoid low fat products, most replace the fat with sugar.
  18. Remove fried food from your diet.
  19. Eat fruit for dessert instead of a snack with sugar.
  20. Keep a diet diary or journal.
  21. Don't eat when you feel bad. Emotional eating is bad.
  22. Do not skip meals / Don’t starve yourself
  23. Don't over-restrict yourself form you favorite foods.
  24. Drink herbal tea.
  25. Limit high carbohydrate foods / Remove all forms of processed sugar from your diet.
  26. Don’t drink alcohol.
  27. Drink a glass of water or more before meals.
  28. Eat more vegetables during meals.
  29. Cut out of limit dairy products. ie use skim milk.
  30. Eat your meals at home. You don't know what they put in the foods at a restaurant. You can control the food at home.
  31. Skip watching TV and go for a walk instead.
  32. Gradually change you eating and exercise habits. Your more likely to stick to it.
  33. Raise your metabolism with foods or special exercise techniques.
  34. Don't rush weight reduction.
  35. Keep healthy snacks on hand so you don't have to eat junk.
  36. Eat lean meats.
  37. Eat whole grains.
  38. Park your car further away or at the back of the parking lot where ever you go.
  39. Get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  40. Make it a lifestyle change not just a limited time change.

I may add more later, this is just a list to start with.
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