What is the best vacation spot for kids, with a great hotel and great video game room?


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Take a cruise on a family-oriented cruise ship! You can't beat the activities for kids, there's still plenty for parents to do, it's all-inclusive so might not cost as much as staying at a resort. Check out the Disney cruise line!


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I think that age kid would love to go to Disney. I'm not sure how far you are wanting to go, but Disney is wonderful. It's a lot of fun for the kids and also a lot of fun for the parents. As far as a game room, you would have lots of different choices. The Nick Hotel has a pretty nice game room for kids, you could also go to a Chuck E Cheese in the area. It just depends on what type of a resort you are wanting to stay at. I always stay on site when I go to Disney, I think this is one of the best ways to do Disney.If you really want a great time, check out a Disney Cruise. They are wonderful. There are clubs for the kids that are just awsome. Kids love them so much that the parents take them in the morning, come back at night and they don't want to leave, they are the best they also have an arcade that is a lot of fun. But it does cost additional. There is so many activities for the kids already, they may not even want to go to the arcade.This is a good site to learn about the Disney Destinations: http://mousetrips.com/ This is also the travel agency I book my trips thru. They specialize in Disney and can really plan a wonderful vacation. I highly recommend them for booking your trip, they are great.Hope this helps!
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