Here is a great Lime Jello with pineapple recipe that makes a very nice molded gelatin dessert to serve.

2 boxes lime gelatin

2 cups boiling water

2 cups cold water

4 tablespoons Miracle Whip/Mayonnaise

1 (16 oz.) container cottage cheese, small curd

1 (16 oz.) can crushed pineapple, drained

1 PKG Walnut Peices (optional) but very good

Miniature marshmallows

1 (12oz.) container Cool Whip


In a medium bowl, Add boiling water to the two packages of lime gelatin;
stir until gelatin is dissolved completely. Pour in cold water and stir.
Stir the mayonnaise into the cottage cheese. Add cottage cheese to
gelatin mixture.

Mix in the pineapple and stir until gelatin begins to thicken. Pour into
the Jello mold. Put in refrigerator and chill until gelatin is firmly
set. Unmold gelatin onto a serving plate.

Add marshmallows to Cool Whip and then spread over top of gelatin.