2 cans (29 oz each) apricot halves, drained (reserve syrup)
1/2 cup vinegar
2 tsp. whole cloves
Two 4" sticks cinnamon
1 pkg. (6oz) orange-flavored gelatin
2 cans (16 oz each) jellied cranberry sauce

In saucepan, simmer reserved apricot syrup, vinegar, cloves and cinnamon uncovered 10 minutes. Strain. Measure syrup mixture; add enough boiling water to measure 2 cups. Pour over gelatin in bowl, stirring until gelatin is dissolved.

Divide apricots among 16 individual molds. Pour gelatin mixture over apricot halves. Chill 8 hours or until firm. Unmold onto slices of cranberry sauce.

16 servings