Sherbert dessert

1 qt. lime sherbert
1 pt. lemon or pineapple sherbert, or peach frozen yogurt
1/2 gallon frozen cherry or strawberry yogurt
6 oz pkg. mini chocolate chips

Remove lime sherbert from freezer.
Let thaw just enough to be able to spoon out.
Using the Super Crisp-it container (lettuce keeper) or Medium Mixing bowl, spread about 3/4" thick around edges (not bottom).
Dip spoon in water to help smooth sherbert.
Remove pint of lemon or pineapple sherbert or peach frozen yogurt.
Let thaw just enough to spoon out.
Spread thin layer on top of lime sherbert.
Let strawberry or cherry frozen yogury thaw.
Mix in 1/2 cup to 1 cup mini chocolate chips.
Put into bowl.
Smooth the top with wet spoon.
Freeze for 24 hours.
To serve, remove "Watermelon" from freezer.
Dip bowl in hot water.
Turn out onto plate.
Slice and serve.