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Thread: So I'm having my birthday party tomorrow?

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    So I'm having my birthday party tomorrow?

    I'm feeling bad because my mom kept saying everything I wanted was babyish. I don't think frosted animal cookies and funfetti cake is babyish. Do you? It's cookies and cake, not teething biscuts!

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    So I'm having my birthday party tomorrow?

    Lol I think thats pretty cute Frosted animal cookies and Omg funfetti cake thats awsome haha Your parent may think its babyish cause of your age and they would think your too old for that. But you can always the reasons you wanted these stuff. Good luck, Have fun ! and Happy Birthday !

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    So I'm having my birthday party tomorrow?

    Oh how absolutely weird I am eating those cookies right now, the pink and white ones! Wow! What are the chances of that ? Anyway your mom should be happy you are wanting something innocent and not going out and getting wasted or going to a strip club or something. Happy B-day!And Funfetti is so good, with that rainbow chip frosting!

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