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Thread: If you were given this ultimatum, what would you do?

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    If you were given this ultimatum, what would you do?

    Well, the stubborn part of me would tell him to take a flying leap. If he's so blind he can't see you have your hands full and offer to pitch in, then I think you should tell him, if he wants the darn things cleaned up, he can do it...or he can throw everything out. If he throws everything out, what's he gonna eat with? He's being a big baby and wants you to be his momma? You're not his servant, your his wife...he shouldn't treat you like that! If you know in your heart that you're doing your best then you have no reason to feel guilty and bow down to him. If, on the other hand, you do spend a substantial amount of time on the couch, maybe he has a legitimate gripe. Only you know that part. If he is being a jerk, tell him to throw it all out, then you don't have to cook with it or clean it!!! It'd be nice though if he just said, "Honey, I see your stressed and busy, how about we get it down together...I'll help you in the evenings instead of sitting around barking out orders!" Sometimes just venting helps both sides. I know I feel better now! ) Also, how old are his kids? If they're old enough, why aren't they made to help if he's too wiped after work? You could try telling him you'll clean the house good and proper if he'll take all the kids to the park while you do it...or he can watch them all while you have part of the day out of the house and then you'll clean like mad when you get home and feel more energetic. That should give him a bird's eye view as to why you can't get the house clean and keep it clean...because once you've cleaned up one mess there's another one to clean up from all the kids, and him!

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    If you were given this ultimatum, what would you do?

    Take all the things / possessions you hold dear and remove them from the house to a secure location then get rid of the controlling asshole that gave you the ultimatium. You dont need someone like that in your life.

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    If you were given this ultimatum, what would you do?

    Don't let him talk to you that way.

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    If you were given this ultimatum, what would you do?

    Ignore him. You have enough on your plate with 5 kids and a husband to care for, not to mention going to school.

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