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Thread: 5 ways you can make RecipeHelpers.com Better!

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    5 ways you can make RecipeHelpers.com Better!

    This website depends entirely on the generosity of its donors, sponsors and volunteers. Here are 5 ways you can help, and we hope you’ll choose at least one:

    1) Become a website VIP member. Donations are used to pay for our ever increasing bandwidth costs, our hosting Service, domain registration, software licensing fees, and maintenance costs! These contributions allow this website to keep its services free to the public. The more users we get, the more expensive it becomes to continue to run the site. We depend on the support of members . . . like . . . you . . . To support this website at the $30, $50 or $60, please sign up for a VIP membership (note: you must already be an RecipeHelpers.com member in order to upgrade to a VIP membership; if you are not a member please join). VIP members receive, increased personal messenger storage allotments; increased Image storage; additional features, including unlimited searching without flood control, and priority access to new features upon release; no advertisements; and most importantly the knowledge that you are supporting this website keeping it around and keeping it free!

    2) Upgrade your VIP membership. If you’re already giving at the $30 level, consider upgrading to the $50 level. The website can grow with your generosity.

    3) You Can Donate. Donations are always good motivators for future developments!! For donation options, please click here.

    4) Help Spread The Word. Lots of new members find us by searching Google, or sometime even searching Yahoo or MSN. But many great potential members are people our current members already know. If you have friends, acquaintances, or colleagues who you think might find the Recipe Helpers Forum interesting, forward our link to them. Tell your friends about us!

    5) Get involved. What makes this forum work is our members willing to spread a few moments and answer questions. Here are other ways you can help:

    • Ask questions.
    • Provide answers or information to assist answering these questions.
    • Post useful content that should be added to can aid other members.
    • Give us your feedback, help us improve. Feedback can be post here.
    • I can’t stress this enough... Promote Us!
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