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Thread: Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    I want to take down the wall paper in my kitchen and dining room. Anyone know of any tips or any easy ways to take it down?

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    Rent a steamer and take your time.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    Pull the paper off first. Then use spray bottle with plain water on the backing. Let soak for a few min then scrape remaining backing with spackling knife.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    The easiest way I know of is to use white vinegar. Pour a quart in a bucket along with a quart or two of very hot water and paint it on with a large paintbrush. Let it set for about 10 minutes. 9 times out of 10, it will come right off with no mess, no fuss. [I'm just a "wallpapering fool"--LOL!]

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    I just removed my Kitchen wallpaper. Get a quart or two of vinegar (store brand works fine). Mix it 50/50 with water. Spray it on the paper, wait 5 minutes or so, scrape off with a wide blade puddy knife. May take two passes to get it off but it works great. Watch spraying around electrical outlets/off-on switches. Around those, spread the mix with a sponge.Good luck.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    I found the easiest way is a product called "Wallwik" It uses absorbent fabric sheets that are soaked in a non toxic paste dissolving solution. The sheets adhere to the wall, allowing the solution to penetrate through the wallpaper and dissolve the paste. After a short time the sheets are removed and the wallpaper practically drops off the wall.No steam, no smell, and it really saves alot of time. The sheets are reusable.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    Tips on how to remove wallpaperYou won't know how hard - or easy - removing that old wallpaper will be until you try. Here are a few guidelines to help you to learn how to remove wallpaper.Before starting, test a small area to see if it simply peels right off. If the wallpaper peels off leaving only the glue on the wall, you're job is really easy! It means you have strippable wallpaper (which is true of most new wallpaper).Here's how to remove wallpaper that is strippable:Tools and Materials: Sponge, hot water, and a broad (6") paint spatula. 1. If necessary, soften the paste underneath the paper with a sponge and hot water. 2. Scrape the paper off with a six-inch broad knife and remove as much of the residue as possible. 3. Rinse the walls with TSP or with a neutralizing solution of 1 cup white vinegar mixed in 1 gallon of water.If your wall paper is not the strippable kind, here's how to remove wallpaper that is older: By modifying commercial wallpaper remover you can remove old wallpaper much more quickly and efficiently. Combine the following: • 3 gallons of very hot water • 1 bottle of wallpaper remover with reactive enzymes (the label should state that it's enzyme based) • 1/4 cup liquid fabric softener • 2 tablespoons baking sodaUsing Wallpaper Remover This method is often more easy and less messy than steaming and works well with older, difficult to remove wall coverings.Tools and Materials: Sprayer or paint roller, wallpaper remover, broad knife (large paint spatula) sponge, small perforation tool, trisodium phosphate or white vinegar and water. Note, many people have found that by using a paint roller rather than a sprayer you can achieve better results. Whichever you choose, make certain to move furniture away from the walls and to put drop cloths on the floor to avoid damage.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    The tips you have received so far are good; however if the wall was not sized properly you could still damage the sheet rock. You can paste the seams of the wallpaper as you would sheet rock, sand down the seams and paint over the existing wall paper.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    On a DIY commercial, they said to put liquid fabric softner in a spray bottle. It did not say to dilute it or not. saturate the paper, leave on a few minutes and they said it would come off real easy, and make it smell good.* worth a try.

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    Any tips on how to remove wallpaper?

    Take the cover layer off first, then dampen the backing, cold water works just as well as warm. let it soak for a few minutes then scrap away, try to get all the paper and glue off while it is still wet (much easier). any glue that is left can be removed with vinegar and elbow grease.

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