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Thread: Tips for cleaning & organizing my house?

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    Tips for cleaning & organizing my house?

    I wish I could come to your house and help you get started, I'm good at these kind of things.Start with your hardest area first. Give away everything you don't use. Throw away trash paperwork and organize whats left over into categories that make sense to you. Then invest in some new shelving and storage containers. Make your space happy so you won't want junk to clutter it up. When you have organized all your stuff it's time to have a spring cleaning. Beg a friend to help and make it fun. Heck have a bottle of wine while you clean. When your finished up-keep should be easy as long as you keep up with it weekly. Good Luck and make it fun!

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    Tips for cleaning & organizing my house?

    First you need to weed eat through all the stuff and get rid of things you never use (like the board games, stuffed animals etc. if you do not use them). Then get everything you are going to keep in order. Find a home for them, and lable their home. Take for example, towels, under the bath room sink, put a lable on the doors so it can not be seen from the out side, but when you open it up, you can remeber where to put them. Clean the items, get the dust off them, wash any type of linnes, clothes, pillows, etc. Then go to walmart and get those bags where you suck the air out of them. Put your beach towels, extra pillows/bed linens, seasonal clothes youa re not using in them, suck the air out with your vacume, they hardly take up any space with out the air. Then store them. Other non soft items, put in larger plastic containers, lable those and put them in the closets. they are easy to stack and by labling them, you can get to what you need in a hurry. Also get those long flat storage bins with wheels that can go under a bed, crid, coutch, love seat, or anything else that there is a 1/2 foot gap between the floor. Get Decor items like baskets with lids that can hide the storage but still look sheek. Once everything has a home, then get to working on the cleaning. Scrud your kicten top to bottom, with a 50/50 bleach to water. As well as your bathrooms. Dust all other things taht can not be cleaned with sprays with a swiffer wipe, traps dust like you would believe. If you got cob webs, use a swiffer sweeper and get up there and get those down! Get all out clothes put away on hangers and folded put away in your dresser. vaccum all floors very well, and hit your base boards (major dust traps) , mop your hard floors with bleah water(unless they are wood in that case, use very hot water to kill off the bacteria) Then rent a shampooer for your carpet. Go over all floors twice!! After you have done all the heavy duty cleaning, buy products that are quick and can clean. Like a swiffer sweeper, and wet mop, lysol wipes (for cleaning kicten and bathrooms) toliet wands that you just throw away, tub wands that you throw away after use, clean every week. Then once a month, do the heavy duty cleaning. I know it is hard to get movtivated, but tell your self if you get it done, you will buy a reward and just keep that reward in your mind while cleaning. best of luck!

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    Tips for cleaning & organizing my house?

    hire a cleaning person and have her make suggestions and work with you to get it in shape the first time then make out a maintance schedule and stick to it

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    Tips for cleaning & organizing my house?

    Hi Tiff I think you are on the right track of doing one room at a time. It sometimes helps me to hire a teenager to help me. It seems to keep me motivated. Once you get it clean you can just hit it alittle each week or hire a helper again in about a year to help you again.

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