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Thread: What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

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    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    I have a 3 bedroom house and i have a three month old, 6 yr old and a 10 year old, the house is pretty clean, but just alot of clutter, what are some good tips on where to start deep cleaning your house, and cleaning it quick before the kids come back from school?

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    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    I totally understand. Cleaning Your House Toys- Organize into boxes and put under bed,table, in playroom Paper- Sort through the ones you need and put the rest in the trash Clothes- I usually just throw all clothes that I find left all over the place i n the wash. They're usually, dusty, furry, and smelly. Shoes- Get 2 boxes for each room.One for everyday shoes and one for slippers or boots. Carpet/Curtains/Fabric- spray with FeBreeze or fabric freshner Sticky Surfaces- Scrub with cleaning spray and polish with appropriate product If you need any more help- just contact me!

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    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    Basically just starting is your biggest hurdle. The trash got their piece by piece. So , if you start picking it up and putting it where it belongs(it is not gonna get there by magic) you are making headway. Just don't expect it to be done in a day.

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    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    A few simple rules I live by as a self-diagnosed clean/neat freak are:1. Find a place for everything. When you want to buy something at the store, can you visualize where it will go? (Obviously not discussing food here, but kids toys, shoes, etc). For me, if I really want it and don't have a justifiable reason to buy it, I make a deal by getting rid of something similar to replace with the new item....such as another cute pair of black flats, picture frame, or pair of jeans.2. When it comes to actually cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc. work from the top down. Dust all surfaces, wipe away cob webs from ceiling corners and off fans, then work your way down past counter-tops and surfaces to the floor. Finish with vacuuming/mopping/polishing. 3. Baking Soda. I'm not sure why this non-toxic, CHEAP alternative is not discussed more often as an awesome cleaning product. It is biodegradable, earth-friendly, non-toxic for you, kids, pets, and is an amazing degreaser/cleaner. It is the only way I clean my oven by spritzing it with a spray bottle of water, enough to get the soda to stick in as much as 1/2 an inch of the stuff, let it sit even overnight and simply wipe away. In your oven alone, you'll be amazed by how much it soaks up! Of course, be careful on certain surfaces for it can be abrasive.

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    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    For cleaning a house, you need to dedicate a lot of time. So, the first step would be to decide how much time you are going to spend on cleaning...Once the time is set, get started by looking into the areas of concern. You would find that there are a number of things you need to look into, while cleaning a house... Drying the clothes is as important as washing them. Set them neatly on the wires outside, with all the clothes properly hanging. Make sure you fasten them with clothes pin...

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