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Thread: Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

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    Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

    Cleaning my father's house tomorow I know how to clean a clean house but this is just disgusting. Any supplies that can make the job easier or helpful tips to save me time/ disgust?

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    Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

    For toilets that may have really tough stains inside use "The Works" toilet cleaner. Use it ONLY on porcelain or ceramic surfaces. It has muriatic acid in it. It almost instantly cleaned super bad rust stains in a toilet we tried it on.409 or ammonia and warm water for counter tops and walls. Windex works good for a general cleaner too.

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    Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

    a clean pail & PINE SOL!! Yes it is strong smelling when you mix it strongly with the water, but it is always much better than the alternative. Rubber Gloves & LOTS of cleaning rags that you are going to throw away..might wanna wear a dust mask too. Garbage bagsPaper towelPlastic drywall spreader/ pastic scrubbie to scrape up grease on scratchable surfaces.An old toothbrush-a denture toothbrush is best to use on sliding door & window tracks. Just use it DRY to loosen up the dirt & crud then suck that up into the vacuum. Super quick!If it is as disgusting as it sounds,you won't get it done in 1 day. I recommend just doing as much as you can in 2 or 3 hours a day until it is satisfactory. Definitely set a time limit or it will become very overwhelming.

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    Needed cleaning supplies& tips for a filthy house?

    I will agree with using *the works* on toilets, but I like a hot bucket of water with some dish soap in it. Cleans well, cuts through grease though you might have to rinse with clean water if you use too much soap so be careful. The bleach in some dish soap will be enough to calm any worries. Wash everything fabric you can in the washing machine. If it is cold there, use windshield washer fluid on the windows..cleans really well, and it will not freeze when doing outside ones. Spray down the tub/shower with a good cleaner and allow to sit for fifteen minutes or so before starting to wipe down. Cleaners need time to do what they are supposed to do. I don't bother spending tons of money on unnecessary cleaners..I like dish soap and water..safe on sealed wood and safe for antiques (just do not wash antique glass/ceramics in really hot water..make it cooler). Oh..and be kind to your father..this is his home no matter how you might feel about the state compared to your home..respect him and his home please.

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