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Thread: Spring Cleaning Tips?

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    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    Anyone have any tips for cleaning? Bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bath rooms. For clutter, getting rid of stains, etc. It would also help if they were eco-friendly, but they dont have to be. Thanks.

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    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    Get a woman to do it. Oh. Wait. You are a woman. Then get off the computer and get back to work!

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    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    The best tips I know for getting rid of clutter are on Flylady.net. She is the queen of streamlining. Stains? Well, it depends on what they are. I usually see if warm water will take it out, then go to mild dish soap, then mild detergent. Upholstery cleaner in a can works well too. The best tip is to work systematically. Start at the door and work your way around the room, from top to bottom. If it's a room you need every day, like the kitchen, don't tear up more than you can clean or put back in one day (I have trouble with this one ). Baking soda cleans a lot, as does vinegar. Don't use vinegar with grout, though, because the acid will start to dissolve the grout. Good luck!

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    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    ok well i find the best thing to do is write a list and put a time limit on it....declutter rooms anything you dont need get rid if they are in good condition give them to a second hand store....for stain removal if you use bread soda make a paste with bread soda and a little lemon and rub it in and then let dry and hoover off.....an eco frendly air freshener get a spray bottle fill a bit with water add fresh lemon juice (fresh lemons smell nicer can use the bottle juices if you like...) add bread soda and then add you favourite essent oil....(the ones for oil burners) it leaves a fresh smell and it is origional.... DO NOT SPRAY ON WOOD.....oil and wood do not mix but you can spray on curtains...bedding and any material upholstery.....make a little as it changes smell a bit after the second day so make as required

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    Spring Cleaning Tips?

    I make a list of each room and what I want to do! This also helps if I need my husband to tackle a room it's on the list in detail so he does it right the first time....You can use vinegar to clean glass... Just dilute in water and spray.... I simply LOVE using MICROFIBER cloths....They are really CHEAP! I just got 25 for $10 at Bj's wholesale.. They are reuseable and are good for dusting,polishing and cleaning.. You can use just plain water! You can also clean without using chemicals... Buy a hand steamer.. SHARK makes one thats resonable as well as, JOY MANGANO from QVC/HSN also SCUNCI makes one... The steam is HOT so it disenfects without chemicals... Start from the top of the room and work your way DOWN.... I LOVE using my wet/dry shopvac.... I use it to suck up dustbunnies/cobwebs... Vacuuming mattresses/upholstry... It's also GREAT for getting up spots/stains on the carpet! I've used it to unclog drains/toilets and cleaning the car upholstry.. They are handy and resonable... A small one will run you around $50. I like to use ANTI-BACTERIAL sanitizing wipes in the BATHROOM/KITCHEN... Between deep cleanings.. They are CHEAP (I just bought 6-85 ct. canisters for under $7) They were buy a 3pk, GET a 3pk for FREE and I had manufacturer coupons for $1 off 2) I'll then once a week use FANTASTIC or FORMULA 409 to really deep clean... While it's NOT eco-friendly I'm NOT using it EVERYDAY since I use the wipes...So, I'm using LESS papertowels... I mop with PINE-SOL or LYSOL disenfectant cleaner.. I use about 1/3 cup. per bucket of water.. I get a clean bucket of water.. add 1/2 cup vinegar and RINSE to get any soapy residue off the floor! *To keep the bathroom smelling fresh.... I have some really scented BOUNCE fabric softner sheets that I put inside the bathroom wastebasket.... In the hamper, INSIDE the toilet paper tube... They are also nice inside SHOES, CLOSETS and DRAWERS! A must for the DIAPER GENIE! *To clean the bathtub I use an ELECTROSOL dishwasher tablet.. Fill the tub with HOT water toss in tablet and let it sit for 30 minutes.... This works for the toilet as well! I use baking soda on my wall to wall carpet about once a month.. If you mix it with iodized SALT you'll not only freshen your carpets but, brighten them... Salt will pull out any dirt/debris.. It's also great if you have PETS.. It keeps the flea population down by smothering LIVE fleas, dissolving eggs/larve..! I buy 12 lbs. of baking soda for $5 at the wholesale store and I use it in my washer for laundry as well! Good luck

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