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Thread: new apartment cleaning tips?

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    we're moving in our new apartment on saturday. does anyone have any tips?? i'm really kind of grossed out about the washer and dryer having other peoples dirty clothes in them. how can i... fix(?).... that??any advice is appreciated, most thorough & helpful answer = 10 points.

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    You could run a empty cycle with Bleach , to kill anything that may have remained in the washer. The dryer .. I'm not 100% sure what to clean that with .. hmmm, maybe a little drop of bleach on a old towel , wipe it through a few time .. .. .. good luck !!

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    Washing machine is easy:Just run it at the hottest possible temperature with detergent. There are also some specialist appliance cleansers at least for dishwashers but possibly also for washing machines.For bathroom and kitchen counters (if they are white), I recommend something with bleach. I really like cif cream with bleach-- and domestos is pretty good too. For bathroom and kitchen drawers and shelves, you can get some lining. Either waxpaper (best if it has plastic coating on top) or plastic. At Ikea, you can get this great plastic roll for shelves and drawers that has little bumps on it, to help prevent slip. Don't get antibacterial detergents (as they backfire) and go for good old bleach or alcohol. After first proper clean, you should start using more environmentally friendly products. I always wash absolutely everything from behind radiators etc. It's just very weird having someone else's dirt-- you're own dirt is much easier to deal with.

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    when we moved we basically did the following all before putting our belongings into the new place:-wash all the windows really scrub the window pains and bases where the dust and bugs and ick collect. -scrub scrub scrub the base boards and even walls in all the rooms with hot water and some kind of cleaner any disinfectant really. -shampooed the carpets several times (multiple times because the previous tenant was a smoker and the smell was very much seeped into the carpet. -scrub scrub scrub all the cabinets /cupboards/drawers we even panted the insides of our kitchen cabinets and lined the kitchen drawers (with contact paper) to give it a fresher look. -Clean any ceiling lights/fans. these where gross at our new place =/ -clean stove and behind it very well.-clean and disinfect the entire bathroom (sigh there is only one =[ ) and with the whole washer dryer thing you can just wipe the entire units down with hot water/cleaner/disinfectant and maybe run a load with just towels in it in very hot water that should really be fine for a washer. Dryer too. Just clean behind them and wipe out the insides. well these are some things im sure you thought of already but just in case! and as for the washer /dryer also… just be glad your apt comes with one. I have to use the laundry mat all the time now because our building has none. now that is ick ick ick. but. Whats a person to do?good luck with your move!

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    as far as the washer i would put bleach and the hottest water possible let it wash for a little bit and then turn it off and let it set. i would take a wet bleach rag and wipe out the dryer then rinse and repeat so bleach isn't left behind. i would also take the bleach rag and go over every touchable service. door knobs, door pulls, door jambs etc give it a good once over and run the vacccum also. not every one cleans the same but i would also do the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and put some clorox cleanup in the showers and tubs to kill any foot fungus etc.

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    Run a load of whites with some bleach... full load that is...Even if it is just some white shirts or tees.. Not chemically soaked clean up rags... The dryer has a burner in there or an electric heat element.I'd hold back on any aerosols or sprays that can go boom...Unplug the drier.. Get in there with a vac.. clean the lint tray and that area well. tilt it to one side, ( just a bit.) Don't knockaround any little devices which can be costly to fix.. Just get the lint out. Make sure the port hose is free from holes ( and )is made of some kind of metal, not that cheesey vinyl springy hose. A clogged hose is not safe, it will release nasty carbonmonoxide into the room over time. Here's one big time thing to remember. As you are cleaning with all of these sovents and cleaners ( the rest of the place ). Try to put a fan it the window. You don't want to overwhelm yourself to a point where you are going to feel sick during your move. Make sure you take a reading off all of the meters ie ( electric /gas/water.) so the utility companies don't try to hit you for the last tennants bills. I know I'm getting carried away here but what the heck. Here's a trick of mine. Before you fill that refrigerator. Shut down all of the power fuses to your apartment to make sure you are not juicing any other tenants stuff... Trust me, it's happened to me.. Mostly at night when everyone is home using all the lights and tv's.. and don't let them know you are checking this. They will think you are a luney toones but better to be smart than cheated.. You can even check to see if the meter is spinning before you have plugged anything in... (everything must be unplugged)...In my apartment the landlord had a refrigerator in his garage outside connected to my juice...sure as heck.. I caught it...he still got the best of me when I left though....So, good luck with your new place and I hope this helps...Mr Clean Erasers, Lysol, Bleach, Murphys oil soap.. Sponges,Rags etc.... Don't mix your chemicals......

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    new apartment cleaning tips?

    Read up on the theory on using silver. Apparently Samsung has a new washer out there that uses silver to kill 99 percent of bacteria in washes. The dryer I would wipe down with fabreze and a small solution of bleach and water.

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