Last year when many of my friends bagged, they passed some meat on to me and I made jerky out of it.

A few of my favorite out of the many variations that I tried was the A1 and Franks Red hot.

For either one, I just sliced my meat to about 1/16" thick and then put them in a seal-able container or zip lock baggy. Then I either put in a lot of A1 sauce or Franks hot depending on what I was doing and let it marinate for at least a day and a half.

You will notice after marinating that the color of the meat has lighten up. That is due to the high acid or vinegar in the sauces.

Put your strips on your drying rack wiping off most of the excess sauce and your on your way to dehydrating.

Once you have survived the wonderful smell during the dehydrating process, enjoy and just watch your taste buds explode with the flavor.