1-1/2 oz. Patron Silver Tequila (Try other silver tequilas, just make sure that your tequila is 100 percent Agave)
3/4-oz. Cointreau
2 oz. fresh sour
freshly-squeezed juice of one lime


Prepare fresh sour by simply mixing 2 parts fresh, filtered lemon juice with 1 part simple syrup. To make simple syrup, dissolve an equal amount of granulated sugar in boiling water (i.e, 2 cups sugar dissolved in 2 cups boiling water) and allow to cool. Select the perfect limes, they should be Peruvian limes, dark-green, soft and pliable. Store your limes at room temperature and roll them on a hard surface for maximum juice extraction.

Hand-extract lime juice, using a juice extractor, into a 16 oz. mixing glass.
# Add fresh sour, Cointreau and tequila to mixing glass. Add ice and shake until well blended.

Using a Hawthorn strainer, strain your Margarita into an ice-filled 14 oz. goblet. Remember, never use the same ice to serve a drink as you used to prepare it. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

Salting the rim of glass is not recommended. If, however, you want to rim glass with salt, simply rub the outside of the lip with fresh lime and dip into a bowl of kosher salt.