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Thread: Should I go about re-potty training my son?

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    Should I go about re-potty training my son?

    what exactly do you mean by retraining him?I am sure he knows what he has to do at the age of 13 !You say He has damaged his bladder ! hello, he has a medical problem.Talk with his dr and ask for help

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    Should I go about re-potty training my son?

    He is 13 and got into a skateboarding accident. He went off a big jump and ended up breaking his arm and worse damaging his bladder. Now he discovered that he has no control of when he needs to use the bathroom. I brought him to the hospital and they said their was nothing they could do. It's not as bad as incontinence but do you think some retraining can help him? He feels embarrassed about going about this like a 3 year old wetting himself.

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