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Thread: Trouble Potty training?

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    Trouble Potty training?

    Your right on the "edge" Honey and, I bet tearing your hair out. He'll do this off and on for a couple of years, Some start right away and never go in their pants again, others, they seem to enjoy that warm, comfortable feeling. Yuk! Don't push it or punish, keep at it slowly soon, someday it'll happen all at once.

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    Trouble Potty training?

    My son is now 3.5 yrs old and still isn't fully potty trained. He goes #1 in the potty like a big boy, but when it comes to #2, he simply refuses and would rather do it in his pants. Even when I catch him in time, I put him on the potty and tell him to go #2 there, he will sit for up to an hour, refusing to do his business there. Why is it that some children rather poo in their pants? I don't see why that would be satisfying.

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    Trouble Potty training?

    I know what your going through. We got our daughter trained at the same age. We put a toy, or a book, or stickers, anything we thought she would want, on the bathroom sink, and told her if you take a poo poo, you get the book , or whatever you put up there, nothing that costs alot, because it takes a few times. My little girl became a pro at it, and after a while, no toy was needed. Only keep them on the potty for 20 min. at a time, 2 times an hour.

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    Trouble Potty training?

    my cousins son did the same thing, so when they were home she would make him run around naked from the waist down(he'd go to the bathroom if he naked) eventually he learnedmy son was never a problem, he was house broken by age 2,he would go outside to go potty by himself (guess he watched the cats and dogs!)

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