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Thread: Tips on potty training???????

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    Probationary RHF Member Lola's Avatar
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    May 2008
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    Tips on potty training???????

    how about someone with a girl thats the same age can teach her that is potty trained can show her how it's done. they say every child picks up something from eachother right so just try it.

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    Probationary RHF Member Liz's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    Tips on potty training???????

    My two year old girl absolutely does not want to potty train. I allow her to come in with me when I go and she sits on it fully dressed, but as soon as I go to take down her pants and diaper she screams and runs. I trying not to force her, but she is very smart and knows what to do. She even tells me "mommy you're peeing on the potty" but is not interested in doing herself. I even tried just putting the ring on the toilet thinking she would do like mommy, but that didn't work either. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Probationary RHF Member f80's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
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    Tips on potty training???????

    i have exactly the same problem with my 2 yr old daughter.shes very stubborn and only wants me to do it. im afraid i dont have an answer but can tell you that perhaps look out for a reward that you can give to her although like me you've probably already tried this!.goodluck

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    Tips on potty training???????

    by the potty books. they really help alot. also, if you tell her that all the other little girls (name some cousins or family friends) are doing it she'll want to. tell her that it's a big girl thing, and if she wants to be a big girl, not a baby then she should use the potty.also, they make these diapers now for right about when you're starting to potty train and when they go to the bathroom is isnt absorbant so they dont like the feeling of it staying on them.

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    Tips on potty training???????

    ask her if she wants to use the "big girl potty" it worked for my brothers...i had to potty train them and that stategy worked.

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    Tips on potty training???????

    It's a very sensitive subject to kids. We have a 3 year old who did not start going until he was 2.5, he watched daddy go all the time and did the same thing your daughter is doing. He would acknowledge the fact that some one was using the potty but would not do it himself. So what we did was to ask if he had to go like every half hour every day, after a while he started saying yes and we would go in there.. The best thing you can do is let her explore and do it on her own time, pulling down her pants and forcing her to go is just going to prolong the process because she is going to associate the potty with fear/being forced. Just ask as often as you possibly can stand it, "sweetie do you have to go pee pee" and "we can use the big boy potty if you want" seemed to work for us. Good luck I know it is frustrating but hang in there!!!!

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    Tips on potty training???????

    Don't worry if she is not ready just yet. If you need to, give her a few more months and try again. Some children wont be ready until they are well into three. With my daughter we went out to the store and I let her pick out her new big girl panties and we got some stickers. When she went to the potty she got to put a sticker on a chart. When she reached certain spots she got to have a special treat. She wasn't officially potty trained until just after she turned three. She is almost four now and she still has the occasional accident. Don't worry I think you are on the right track with her.Good luck.

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