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Thread: Really bad diaper rash!?

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    I would take her to the ER. It probably is a yeast infection. We live in TX where it is very hot and humid. My son had a rash I couldn't get rid of and he had never had a rash at all before! When I took him to the dr. it was a yeast infection. I didn't even know boys could get yeast infections!!! Try the diaper rash ointment called Butt Paste. And maybe eating yogurt. I think this is supposed to help yeast infections. You should definately take her to the dr. though to find out for sure what it is...I would just leave the diaper off until you can get to the dr.Good luck I know how it is when there miserable, your miserable too!

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    The below methods are relatively safe and effective but ofcourse they are not an alternative to medical attention, you still need to see a doctor.If there is open sores then there is almost for sure an infection.DO NOT use an antiobiotic ointment or you could cause a cross infection. Antibiotic ointments prevent infection but they can have the opposite effect if one is already present because many types of bacteria, once established, are, or can quickly become, resistant to bacatraicin and neomycin (polymyxin only kills fungi) so the bacteria uses the ointment as a medium to spread and grow. For immediate relief of pain and inflammation you need to put 2 tablespoon of salt into 16 oz of warm water then soak a cloth in the solution and hold it against the infection. Do this as much as possible, this provides very fast relief from pain and inflammation and helps kill the infection. Before bed you can apply cold pressed castor oil (most health food stores will sell it, do not get processed castor from a drugstore!) which will protect the area from irritation and also help kill the infection, there is little risk of cross infection with castor because bacteria cannot develope a resistance. It is possible to be allergic to castor so do a patch test before appyling it. If you can't find cold pressed castor at a store, a good online source that can do next day delivery is http://www.mothernature.comcastor oil is pressed from the ricinus communis bean.

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    You have been given some great advice already but I thought I would mention that you are right about the teething being a suspect in the rash. Teething puts acid in the saliva to break down the gums therefor makes the waste in the diapers more harsh. Limit acids in the foods and juices at the time to help bring down the acid levels, example, no orange juice, tomatoes. Don't worry, everything will be okay soon. you are being a great parent , I can tell just by the level of your concern.

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    happened to my son and nurse told me to beat an egg and put in on and leave nappy on, acts like a barrier, sounds funny but it actually worked, something to do with the starch. Obviously this is only a stopgap until you can get to doctor of if it flares up again . good luck!!

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    May sound strange..but try plain active cultured yogurt after every diaper change (assuming she is still in diapers). Just smear it on her hiney after each cleaning. the coolness will feel good to the rash and the active cultures will kill the yeast overgrowth. Thats what she has going on. You may need to treat internally also..if so if you are non vegans..then give a bit of active cultured yogurt a few times a day. within 2-3 days you should notice a definate clearing. best of luck!Maybe time to consider Elimination Communication and eliminate using diapers. Its great to have small ones not needing to use diapers!

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    My grandma gave me this advice when my children had severe cases of this.Put 1 cup of flour in a skillet,turn the heat on low,stir the flour until its clor changes to brown.Remove from heat and let cool.Apply to babies bottom like you would powder,sounds weird but this worked for me,Good luck,God bless:O)

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    Really bad diaper rash!?

    It may be a yeast infection. Babies get them too. You can use yeast infection meds (creme) on a baby.

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