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Thread: Why won't he help me?

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    Why won't he help me?

    If you are sitting at the computer now, who is watching your son? If the second job isn't needed and it is extra money, why not hire a sitter for three hours a day to come in and help out??

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    Why won't he help me?

    He's working two jobs to provide for his family and you are complaining. Nice. Why don't you hire someone to come in and help out a few hours a day. Then grown up and show you husband some respect. He's working 16 hours a day for petes sake.Oh and guess who'll still do the exact same things she does now when she breaks up her marriage over this kind of stupidity?

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    Why won't he help me?

    How about hiring a Mothers Helper? For a few dollars you can get a teen aged girl to come over and give you a hand. Go to the local paper and put an ad in. Advertise for a responsible teen with babysitting experience. They do need to be certified and check their references. Allow her to get to know your child before you leave them alone. A couple hours a day would be sufficient to allow you to catch a nap and make you feel much better.

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    Why won't he help me?

    Ok sweetie, welcome to reality....life with multiple children. It sounds like your husband might be tired also, he is working quite a bit. Why not hire a babysitter, even if she comes to the home, to help with the little guy during the day so you can rest? That seems like a pretty simple solution to me and you say you are putting money in savings anyway so you can obviously afford it. Dropping your baby is pretty serious, how much more of a wake-up call do you need?

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    Why won't he help me?

    find out his next day off and leave the house before he does. make sure he is up to take care of the baby and then tell him that you need ONE day to yourself.tell him that you have written down what to do with the baby and you will be at "x" location.then, check yourself into a hotel and sleep the day away.you need this and obviously he's not understanding that. that means you have to just TAKE your day and not let him go to work.then, once you come back home, you can sit down and talk about how hard things have been on you and work out a way for him to help you more.tell him that you understand he works alot, but so do you! and sometimes you just need some solid sleep.so, make a deal that "x" day will be YOUR day and he'll take care of the baby from morning til night and you can sleep or whatever you need to do.i wish you well sweetheart. take care. and gosh, if i could, i'd shake him and choke the heck out of him until he realized he was being a daft prick!

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    Why won't he help me?

    Its good that you recognize that you need some help. Since your hubby cant be there, you need to get some outside help. Hire a babysitter( even if it is for 4 or five hours a day, you could sleep while the sitter is there with your babe). OR use a good day-care parttime until you are feeling better. Also, I dont know how much time you are trying to spend on other home chores ( like cleaning and cooking). Drop those things back to the bare minimum and SAVE YOUR STRENGTH for you and your babies ( BOTH of them). You dont need a spotless home or a 5 star home-cooked meal every night right now. Maybe call your Dr's office as well, tell them what is going on and see if they have any good advice. IT WILL GET BETTER ( thats the mantra of all MOms )

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