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Thread: Why won't he help me?

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    Why won't he help me?

    He's hiding from the responsibility and leaving it all on your shoulders. Maybe that extra money he is making during the day could pay for a baby sitter that can watch your 8 month old for a couple hours a day so you can get some sleep. Try to make friends, join a church (or something social), build up a network of people around you. You are already learning it is hard to count on him. Good luck. Stay strong. You will get through this.

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    Why won't he help me?

    We have 8 months old, extremely active child. I am pregnant againg, 11 weeks, and I am feeling terrible. I am very sick all day long, exhausted, but I can't take nap, because the baby only takes two naps, half hour each and he is teething now, so he is up every hour and half or so at night. I can't take it anymore, I am so tired that I actually dropped my son yeasterday. I was just too weeks to hold him. My husband has two jobs, he leaves at 9 AM and is back by midnight. Is up to him if he will go to the morning job, every morning he calls the guy he works for and tells him whether or not he is coming that day. We don't even need the money so badly, because all he makes in the morning go to the savings. He usually has two days a week off, but in the past two weeks he decided to work on his off days. I told him many times how exhausted I am and asked him if he could stay home at least one morning, because I get no sleep {he can't hear the baby at night!!!! He just don't wake up evenif the baby is screaming for hour}. And he does't get it. I need to rest for a bit, I am so tired I can hardly walk and now I am really mad at him, because he won't help me!!!!!!!! We have no relatives around and no friends with the kids, so noone else besides him can take care of our son.Mosaic, I could handle him pretty well before I got pregnant... You can never predict whether your pregnancy will be easy or hard. And it was not an accident, I wanted to have two kids that are close to each other, I know the first year is hard, but then it is much easier. Plus my husband wasn't like this before I got pregnant again {which was his idea in the first place}

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    Why won't he help me?

    What a jerk! Hide his car keys. Let him know that he is GOING to help you one way or the other.. After you have this baby.. don't let him have sex with you until he starts helping out with the kids.. he's got time to screw you but not time for his kids? That's B.S.. OR take some of that money from savings.. and hire a Baby sitter / Daycare a few days a week.. See how he likes that.Good luck!

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    Why won't he help me?

    Then see if you can get a nanny to help you out even 1 day a week. Specially if your son is in danger,by you dropping him!!!

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    Why won't he help me?

    You need to tell him not ask him (if he's simply not responding to you) when you need him to be there. Don't forget that he's probably exhausted too. I wonder why you chose to have another child when you can't handle the first one? There is birth control you know.

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    Why won't he help me?

    use some of the money he's making to take your child to day care give your self a break day care can help even if it is part time

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    Why won't he help me?

    sit down and talk to your husband don't let your emotions bottle up inside cause it is just doing harm to you, your baby that you are carrying, and to your relationship, let him know your feelings and emotions

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    Why won't he help me?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm? ever heard of birth control? you knew how your husband s work hours were prior to the 2nd pregnancy. if you are so well of take you r kid to daycare so you can get your beauty rest. Maybe he should get the little princess a nanny? Your husband works TWO jobs to support your ass, i guess you expect him to do the housework and cook, because you are sick and tired, Sorry no sympathy.

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    Why won't he help me?

    tell him that you really need help before you hurt the baby

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    Why won't he help me?

    I had a similar situation and it broke us apart and I know how you feel and there is no other way to answer this question by really sitting and talking to your husband about the situation. If you don't get some rest you may lose you unborn baby due to stress and it's not healthy. If he still can't understand then have a family member watch the baby for a day and you sleep no cleaning or anything just relax. I wish you the best and please don't let the stress broke your relationship. Good Luck. P.S tell him you dropped your son due to the lack of sleep and you are weak and unhealthy.

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