1-3 cans/bottles of beer or Ale w/Port ......the port in the ale just gives it "that" taste that makes you want more....but try out whatever sounds good to you at the moment.
1-2 sticks Butter ...lots-o-chicken? 2 sticks, not so lots-o-chicken? 1 stick
1 head (bulb?) of garlic......put in heavy foil, drizzle with olive oil, seal. Put in pre-heated medium oven ... or if you're doing beans? The garlic won't mind sharing space. (I found doing this the day before and reheating day of is a lot less stressful, and you can make more!)
salt / FRESHLY ground black pepper to taste
extra Port sans the Ale
Use a 3qt pan.....add butter, Ale/with Port, salt, pepper........just let everyone get to know each other for awhile.
Take garlic out of oven, with a hot pad, give a little squeeze, soft, spongy? It's done!
Squeeze garlic into sauce, blend in well. At this time you might want to add some extra Port.....it's such a nice touch!
Measure out amount to be "sauce for the table". Sauce that touches chicken IS NOT MEANT TO REHEAT (EVEN TO A BOIL)...USE IT OR PITCH IT.
Amount meant for the table put on medium heat and let come to a boil and reduce...you want to "pour" the sauce and everyone will want more! Very good for salad dressings.

Grill has been cleaned, oiled, and coals white....you want to start the chicken on INDIRECT heat, so make a space on each side of the coals.
Chicken has been rinsed and patted dry. Baste BOTH sides. Put skin side down. Chicken is ready to turn when it releases from grill (basting all the while). Baste, flip, baste. The constant basting will keep your chicken from getting dried out, and give you a great glaze!
After awhile, put chicken on center grill...coals will have cooled a little .....SKIN SIDE DOWN....when you see little bubbles/craggy bits form on the edge, flip and baste. Put temp gauge near a bone, should go in with no resistance and be almost to wanted temp.
(chicken will continue to cook after you take it off the grill) Baste, flip, baste.....take temp again, just to be sure (I can't be the only person to have gotten a pink/red chicken part)
Take off grill to platter, cover loosely with foil....juices need to re-group.
At this time, if you feel you want more sauce for the table and/or it's gotten too thick...add another bottle of ale w/ Port........or just more Port!
Take off foil and take your masterpiece to table.....be proud, you earned it!

The grilling part is there because I'm sick of people doing it wrong when such a lovely sauce is at stake.
Taste. You should have a big smile on your face!