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Thread: Is it ok to start trying right away after my first miscarriage?

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    Is it ok to start trying right away after my first miscarriage?

    its best to wait for 2 full cycles before trying again, to give your body time to get back to normal, sorry to here about your loss, and good luck in the future

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    Is it ok to start trying right away after my first miscarriage?

    Yes, a miscarriage is the body's own natural way of getting rid of a bad egg. If the body doesn't feel that the egg is viable or that the environment is stable enough, it 'aborts' on it's own...and wants to start over. So it's a good sign. It's perfectly fine to try again. There is not a problem with it. Every woman has had miscarriages, with or without knowing it, just to let you know. It's crazy...here you are, trying your hardest to get pregnant..and then on Yahoo answers, you see 13 year olds posting questions about how they became pregnant, whether they should or should not have the baby, and how they're so scared because their parents are going to find out and the kicker is...they weren't even trying to get pregnant in the first place! It's almost a joke, really. Just as a little story, My husband and I tried to conceive for a while year. Last year around Thanksgiving time, it finally happened. I think it wasn't happening for a whole year because I was stressing so much over it. I kept thinking about the baby. I kept counting days, researching my ovulation charts, reading about all kinds of crazy methods to conceive a child. I had baby on the brain. Finally in November last year, I gave up. I had a move to think about. I had to pack things, clothes, furniture...had to get an apartment, start paying new bills with my husband, make a road trip to our new state..things were hectic and I forgot about baby-making, and somewhere around that time, it happened. I think when you are anticipating a child, your body isn't going to respond only because of how the stress hormones are high even though you don't know it. And this can even put your cycle off. It sucks, really. I have some really helpful sites for you though..you should check them out:Find out when you are ovulating:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227230/trying_to_conceive_find_out_when_youre.htmlSide effects of personal lubricants when TTC:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227220/trying_to_conceive_side_effects_of.htmlTips for Conceiving:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/162109/trying_to_conceive_when_you_want_a.htmlIncreasing chances of getting pregnant:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227218/tricks_for_trying_to_conceive_how_to.htmlGood luck..I know it's so freakin frustrating...but it will happen. Like I said, we tried for a year..now I'm 37 weeks and almost ready to say Hello to my own little one. I do wish you the best.

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